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  1. Hey, this short massage, shows you how to use the Toshibs FlashAir as Wlan-AP as HEN Loader Webseite. Get the cheapest Flash Air w-04 Card-Version and copy the Zip Archive over to the Device. Before you overwrite the SD_WLAN/CONFIG File, copy over the CID= String to the new CONFIG FILE. (From orginal to zip-file Version) Also edit the : APPNETWORKKEY=******* to your wlan password you wanna use for your AP. APPNETWORKKEY=123456789 is a nice start... :-) APPNAME=manuals.playstation.net offers the nice Feature, that you can enter the Handbook on the PS4 and the Webexploid directly pops up. Also Edit the Path on the Flash Drive to reflect your Language. /doucument/de/ps4/index.html will of course only work on de Machines. Thats it... zip-file contains 4.55 hacks... [Hidden Content]